Garden Decking

The Benefits Of Decking

Decking can be a striking and versatile feature for anybody’s home. Depending on the material used, it pairs perfectly with rustic, contemporary and even low-maintenance styles.

If you’re thinking of installing a brand new deck in your garden, then you’re probably wondering what other benefits it can provide. That’s why we’ve created this brief overview of all the positive characteristics decking can bring to your property.

Where Can I Install Decking?

It’s often thought that decking must be an extension of your building, but this is not the case. Although it’s usually seen attached to a home to act as an expansion on living areas, decking works great as a standalone structure too. It can be used as a base for a pergola or be placed in a sunny spot within your garden to utilise a sun trap.

The Different Types Of Decking

There are three materials that are commonly used for decking. Each has unique benefits that complement specific styles, as well as boasting different unique benefits. These are:


Softwood is often the most cost-effective option and is mostly used in more rustic gardens due to its gentle colours and low impact.


Hardwood is very popular in high-end gardens. It’s durable and suits a variety of spaces. These range from gardens to urban areas.


Composite is a new material. It’s low maintenance and durable, comes in a range of colours and is made of recycled materials.

How Decking Can Improve Your Garden

It’s no secret that decking is a popular and desirable garden feature. Its versatility provides the homeowner with a wide variety of options for design and customisation. This means there’s no outdoor space that can’t take advantage of all the benefits a deck can provide.

Extend Your Home & Entertain

A high quality deck is a great way to improve the functionality of your property. It acts as an extension to your home and living space, whilst also providing an area to entertain guests outside in the summer.

white wooden decking with furniture
patio installation with wooden fence

Create Levels

With the raised nature of timber or composite decking, you can improve the look and utility of your garden. Whether you’ve got drainage issues or simply want to take advantage of the view from your kitchen window, installing a deck can provide an area to take in your surroundings, even if it’s been raining!

Decorative Decking

Whether you’ve got a rustic, cottage-style garden or a French formal contemporary space, there’s a deck design to compliment the textures and colours of your property.

A softwood pine, for example, resonates with the soft, pastel colours of a classic cottage garden. Contrastingly, a plastic composite would compliment an urban, contemporary garden with its dark, moody shades and sleek design.

Regardless of your garden, the versatility of a decking means you can find a style to match your needs.

Contact Willow Tree Landscapes For All Your Decking Installations

We combine our passion for outdoor spaces with 10 years of experience to ensure you’re provided with unique, well-crafted decking. Not only this, but all our materials are supplied in-house at a competitive price.

What’s more, we even provide bespoke, handmade furniture to outfit your new deck. Get in touch today for more information.

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