Resin Driveways & Paths Swansea

With high-quality workmanship and over a decade of experience, we can provide stunning resin surfaces. As customers are the most important aspect of our business, our bespoke services will progress your home further, giving it the attention it deserves. Resin driveways and paths are a perfect way to transform the image of your humble abode. Our team attain the creative ability, passion, experience and knowledge to achieve what you desire.

To learn more about resin ground works, please call us and we can also arrange a free quote. 

Why Use Resin?

Resin is used due to its sustainability, practicality and versatility. No matter the time of year, it will not show signs of freezing in the winter, making it safer for you and your vehicle. Nor will it soften in the summer or fade because of sunlight. Using resin for a new driveway or path will also make it permeable. This allows rainwater to drain through it minimalizing potential damage. Willow Tree Landscapes gives you the choice for different designs and colours when building.


When it comes to maintaining your newly built driveway or path, it couldn’t be easier. There are no signs of loose stones so no need for sweeping. Also, weeds are unable to grow through it. The maintenance required is a simple power wash and brush to keep up the new look appearance. Resin driveways can also last between 10-20 years, ensuring your money is well spent. For a free quote on what we can provide for you, get in touch.

Resin Services

We use resin in a whole manner of services. With our experience and knowledge, we do not limit ourselves to what we can do. Get in touch today to discuss all your ideas for what you want to enhance your home’s appearance. Our services include:

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If you are interested in finding out more about resin driveways, paths and the other services we provide in Swansea, please give us a call.

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