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Five Popular Landscaping Design Styles

Landscaping plays a pinnacle role in the relationship between your home and your garden. If you’re considering a new design for an outdoor space, then you may be wondering what the most popular designs are. There’s a wide range of styles to consider, some more common, and some more niche. There are also several factors to understand before choosing a specific landscaping format, such as your home’s architecture, budget, and climate. To help you decide which is best, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular options.

Modern Contemporary Landscaping

This style of landscaping compliments a modern home. Built with modern architecture, contemporary design can be defined by its use of simplicity and clean-cut, functional features. Often, a contemporary garden will showcase pastille colours, and a straightforward, common-sense design. This is to create a calming atmosphere whilst providing utility for the desired purpose. Hardwood decking, aluminium raised beds, low-maintenance plants and subtle colour palettes can be expected in this garden theme. It’s also important to note that modern contemporary is ever-changing. The landscaping reflects current design trends and popular features.

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French Formal Design

French formal landscaping design has been used since the 17th century. It’s defined by symmetrical patterns, manicured topiary and well-thought-out planting schemes such as rose gardens. This style compliments a formal home. Estates, manor houses and high-end architecture often utilise a French formal theme in a large open space. However, size doesn’t always have to be a consistent factor. If you own a property with similar features, a well-implemented and carefully designed French formal style is still accessible. Although, it’s essential to note this landscaping theme is high maintenance, and it will require regular work every month to retain a consistent quality.

french formal landscaping

English Cottage Garden

A classic landscaping design is the English cottage garden. When you imagine an old countryside cottage, it invokes the imagery of thatched roofs, sprawling climbers, asymmetrical shapes, and lots of colour. This style is a labour of love, it requires carefully selected planting schemes, regimented training and establishment of features – as well as constant maintenance. The design works with, you guessed it, cottage architecture. Stonewalls, heritage roofing styles and neutral colours go perfectly with a cottage garden, and with a lot of work, can create a fantastic outdoor space to complement your home.

english cottage landscaping


Rustic landscaping is the use of warmth and natural materials to create a rustic look. It could almost be seen as a combination of cottage and contemporary. It utilises the functionality and simplicity of a contemporary style, with the warmth and natural look of an English cottage garden. Green oak, stained timber and natural stone are melded together to compliment a modern home with heritage design features such as stone walls and timber porches. You’ll often see sprawling decking, pergolas and extensive low-maintenance planting schemes in rustic landscaping.

rustic landscaping

Tuscan Landscaping Styles

If you own property in a coastal, warm area, you may be looking to implement a Tuscan landscaping style. Property architecture is less important than climate for this design theme. Warm, orange pastille colours and terracotta features are defining qualities of this design theme. Additionally, this style uses plants that are consistent with warm, desert climates such as palm trees, cacti and succulents. Fortunately, these types of gardens are fairly low maintenance and can complement most properties, as long as it’s situated in a mild climate.

tuscan landscaping

Choose Willow Tree Landscapes For Quality Landscaping

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