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Low Maintenance Garden Ideas For Retirees

As we get older, garden maintenance can become a bit overwhelming. No garden is without the occasional chore, but it’s important to create an outdoor space that matches your activity levels and physical ability. With this in mind, we’ve put together this collection of different landscaping ideas to help you create the perfect garden.

Hard Landscaping Features

There are a number of hard landscaping features you can utilise to lower the amount of work involved with garden maintenance. These are the following:


Decking is a very low-maintenance landscaping feature. Taking up a large portion of your outdoor space with a timber deck can lower the maintenance required in your garden significantly. If you’re concerned about the lack of greenery, then you can always make use of large pots and small shrubs to mitigate this. What’s more, taller, larger pots are much more accessible to prune and pot for when you need to.


Patios are the perfect hard landscaping feature for retirees. They’re extremely resilient and last a long time with only the occasional pressure wash required every so often to return them to their former glory. You can set up seating, potted plants and even a BBQ to still make use of the outside space and keep it looking colourful

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What you plant will have a massive effect on the maintenance required in your garden. We advise picking slow-growing shrubs, trees and hedges to ensure there’s little work required each year. Additionally, look at the following plants for added ease of maintenance:

Ground Cover

Ground cover planting is perfect for low maintenance gardens. Not only do they look great, but it takes a long time for them to become overgrown, and they cover an area quickly to mitigate the growth of weeds. The fewer weeds in your garden, the less maintenance, so it’s the perfect option.


Climbing plants are a beautiful garden feature. What’s more, they’re extremely low maintenance in the right garden. If you pick the right climber, it grows slowly and flowers gracefully. This means you can cover a garden in colour and greenery without having to worry about the ongoing work involved.

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